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Company foundation

In 1990 Martin Scheel and Martin Krenkel founded the company MM-Automobile in Bonn-Beuel. Over the entire time, the company has remained loyal to the location in the northeast of Bonn.

Under the name M&M automotive the company offers you all services around your vehicle from one source, so that you can enjoy the ride with your vehicle and always arrive safely at your destination. You receive from us a detailed consultation and the complete service around their vehicle.

Our Heritage

We are a company with roots in motorsport. Over a period of ten years, we were successfully involved in the Endurance Cup at the Nüburgring. The team focused on the Endurance Cup racing series, whose 10 season races are held on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. Endurance races offer a unique mix of speed, endurance, technology and pure racing fun. At the same time, this commitment is the basis for the development and testing of production parts, which are often derived from motorsport. For example, we have adapted the sequential gearboxes of the Tractive company to various racing vehicles and used them in different races. In addition, we have designed roll cages and safety cells over several years, custom-made them individually and installed them in racing and production vehicles.


On 24.433 kilometers, tradition, nature and thrills merge into a unique whole. 300 meters of altitude catapult the driver in his race car every minute from the deep green valleys of the Eifel up to the heights of the mountain range and back again. The unique race track in the heart of the Eifel has fascinated racers and racing enthusiasts alike for generations. In the more than seventy years since its opening, countless gripping events of modern motor sports have taken place on this legendary race track: In the beginning, the era of the Silver Arrows of Mercedes and Auto Union, the successes of a Rudolf Caracciola in the fifties and the emergence of modern formula racing. But also dramas and life-threatening moments are inextricably linked with the Nürburgring. Niki Lauda's terrible fire accident in 1976 ended the Formula 1 era on the Nordschleife. At the same time, however, this event is also the starting signal for a renewal and the return to the modern Formula1 circus: In 1984, the new GrandPrix circuit is opened, whose redesign also takes into account the increased safety requirements of drivers and spectators. In the mid-1990s, Formula 1 returns to Nürburg and secures the circuit worldwide attention. The endurance cup races in particular promise an up-close motorsport experience. Drivers and vehicles are very close and not hundreds of meters away as in Formula 1. Motorsport you can touch.

The racecar Nissan 350Z

M&M automotive used a race car on the technical basis of the Nissan 350Z. Engine, chassis and aerodynamics are modified according to the regulations of the endurance cup and have presented a powerful package after several development cycles.

The Nissan GTR series development

For several years, M&M automotive was intensively involved in the development of the Nissan GTR series vehicle. Many test kilometers were completed on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in order to optimally coordinate the engine, transmission and chassis. Every detail was subjected to weeks of testing so that the production vehicle could be launched on the market perfectly tuned.

Development Motorsport

For many years, M&M automotive has been a one-stop shop for all services supporting the complete development cycle: Testen, Entwickeln und Support. The technical and organizational environment was fully provided and maintained by M&M automotive. Specialists of the clients found a comprehensive and flexible infrastructure, so that orders and work packages could be handled efficiently, on time, and cost-effectively.

Development Series

M&M automotive war über einen langen Zeitraum sehr erfolgreich an der abschließenden Produktentwicklung von Serienfahrzeugen beteiligt. On behalf of major car manufacturers, M&M automotive accompanied the last decisive work shortly before the market launch of a new model. Chassis still have to be tuned to different driving situations, road conditions, and weather conditions. Does the ESP communicate correctly with the central control unit? Do the vehicle's intelligent systems support the driver correctly and intuitively? Does everything function as the engineers conceived it on the drawing board and CAD workstation?

This detailed work was done with great meticulousness by the development department of M&M automotive. The major manufacturers rely on the know-how of M&M automotive experts, who have to find the final answers before the car is delivered to the many waiting customers.

The team is still particularly proud of the final work on the Nissan GT-R R35. M&M automotive played a major role in shaping the final phase before the sports car's market launch in Europe from 2007 to 2011.


The M&M automotive product department derived individual components from the ongoing development work that can be marketed as stand-alone products. Der Rennsportbegeisterte kann mit diesen Teilen das eigene Fahrzeug aufwerten und für den Renneinsatz modifizieren. The customer participates directly from the development know-how of the M&M automotive team.

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