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With our many years of know-how in the automotive sector and our expertise from our involvement in endurance motorsports, M&M automotive offers you the following services from a single source:

Wheel alignment

Last but not least, the axle geometry of your car is responsible for its directional stability and handling and should be checked regularly, because driving over potholes or driving over curbs is often the cause of unintentional misalignment.

In almost one in three vehicles, misaligned axle geometry is the cause of one-sided tire wear and the associated increase in wear. In addition, the exact driving behavior suffers and the directional stability decreases: comfort, resource-saving driving and safety suffer. Therefore, a wheel alignment should be carried out once a year or at every tire fitting in a specialist workshop.

With our digital wheel alignment, we adjust your axle geometry quickly and precisely, ensuring optimum road holding. This way, you achieve the optimum mileage of your tires and always stay safely on track.

Exhaust pipe

A fully functional exhaust system is important and a guarantee that you can exploit the full power of your vehicle and optimizes fuel consumption. An intact exhaust system also reduces noise and pollutant emissions, thus reducing the burden on the environment. With a defective exhaust system, your vehicle may lose its operating license.

Car glas

Repair or replacement - always by a specialist: Stone chip damage should always be repaired professionally as soon as possible, because in the worst case, even a small stone chip can cause the windshield to crack - which leads to expensive follow-up repairs. Since the windshield is a supporting part of your car body and therefore plays a safety-relevant role, you should always have stone chip damage repaired or a cracked windshield replaced in good time.


When it comes to battery replacement, you'd better trust our many years of expertise. With modern on-board electronics, the new battery must be registered or programmed, otherwise it will not provide full performance and durability. In addition, the overall system must be informed of the battery replacement via correct communication with the electronic management system using a diagnostic system. And the strongest battery is of no use if it does not fit. Start-stop systems, diesel vehicles, motor homes - every on-board system needs the right battery.

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