Roll Bar. A roll bar provides the necessary plus in safety for ambitious drivers. Upgrade your vehicle by that fundamental functional element.

A roll bar is a single bar behind the driver that provides moderate roll over protection. Roll bars or - more often referred to as - club sport bars, are the most cost efficient and simple way to improve occupant safety for everyday use and track day events. These are custom made to your requirements in 25CRMO4 or ST52 steel and painted or powder coated. In addition the roll bars offer the perfect possibility to include a harness bar to easily integrate 4 or 6 point harnesses into your vehicle.


We design and custom rollbars with reinforced main roll bar, connections to the rear suspension top mounts, diagonal struts and welded or bolted rear top mounts. All roll bars are customized for your vehicle individually. The application of high value (coated) steel grade enables the possibility of lesser insulation thickness.


We are using the following material grades:

25 CrMo 4 tensile strength 811N/mm², main bar 45 x 2.5mm, additional struts 40 x 2.0mm acc. Art 253.8.3. By request we apply seamless cold-drown carbon steel, ST 52 NBK, tensile strength min. 450 N/mm².

Benefit from our consulting competence. We acquire for you the optimal solution, manufacture the roll bar, attach the master piece into your vehicle and do the final inspection - from one source.

Please visit our shop for additional information regarding roll bars from M2 Automotive.

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