A Taste of Lexus 2008

Lexus demonstrates their competencies and the performance of their products to the customers on an autocross circuit. Several Lexus models are available for taxi drives under race conditions. Instead of one tour in the summer Lexus did in 2008 three separate tours during the course of the year, each focusing squarely on the cars.

A taste of Lexus 2008

M2 Automotive coordinated the main motorsports event on the 'A taste of Lexus' show in October 2008 on Hockenheimring. M2 Automotive designed and realized the taxi parcour, provided six professional racing drivers and conducted the taxi drives. M2 Automotive provided a full service to the client and Lexus enjoyed the huge expertise M2 Automotive added to the show.

Please visit our gallery for pictures regarding M2 Automotive on the 'A Taste of Lexus' show event on the Hockenheimring.

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