Nissan 350z Ringtaxi

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You can't compete in any race championship without vast experience and the best race track knowledge for many years. Uncounted training cycles serve to prepare the race car for the race in the best possible manner. Setting up the suspension takes the condition of the race track into close consideration. The correct close ratio gearing and final drive brings out the best power evolvement. Detail work on the aerodynamic package enables unleashing the last speed reserves. The whole package won't work before all parameters are balanced carefully.

Auf der Nordschleife Auf der Nordschleife Auf der Nordschleife Auf der Nordschleife

During many trainigs laps the driver gauges the true potential of the race car. He explores the limit of the car and steps over the thin borderline in order to improve limit handling. How will the race car react in the high speed drift? When will the airflow breakaway? How can the cornering ability be improved without reducing the top speed too much?

Visitors can join the drivers in their race car during the training laps on the race circuit. A second seat in the race car offers the most exclusive view on the work place of the race pilot. The visitor experiences the extreme challenging unfiltered stress of driving dynamics with his own body. The impressive performance of the driver and car in unison will become prominently evident. Fighting with the elements is a real challenge. Not everybody can cope with these requirements.

Nissan 350z Pilot

Manage the most beautiful and demanding race track of the world below 10 minutes as a co-pilot of some very experienced race drivers. The taxi drives take place respective Friday before the races of the VLN endurance championship between 04:00 p.m. and 06:00 p.m. The M2 racing team will provide you with fireproof race overalls and fully FIA compliant race helmets. You will be fully conducted by our team service personnel from registration as a guest driver to de-briefing with the race driver.

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